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Grenville Tool & Die Inc.

Servicing the local Manufacturing Industry

| Tool & Die Industry | Industrial Service Machining | Heavy Equipment
| Agriculture Industry | 

Manufacturing Great Ideas
Since 1981

24/7 Emergency Service 613-213-3656

Tool & Die Work

Tool & Die
  • Design and build or build from print.

  • Dies, fixtures, jigs and guages for a wide range of manufacturing applications. 

  • Punching, blanking, bending, forming, notching dies.

  • CAD/CAM design available.

  • Die maintenance, repair and trouble shooting.

  • Components and hardware made to order.

  • Metallurgy services, hardening and tempering, onsite heat treating furnaces.

  • Press work available from our in house punch presses from 30 ton to maximum 130 ton. 

  • Plastic Injection Mold service

  • Maintenance Repair and Alterations

Industrial Services Machining

Grenville Tool is equipped with a wide variety of equipment.

​CNC Milling machines, CNC lathe and a variety of manual machine tools and equipment to service a wide range of industrial needs.

Industrial Services Machining
  • Machine and fabricate precision components and assemblies as per drawing or sample.

  • Short order or small production machining.

  • Prototype machining.

  • Both large and intricate machined components and assemblies.

  • Design and Machine, replacement of obsolete or OEM Industrial components 

  • Machine and fabricate large variety of materials.

  • Steels/tool steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and cast iron.

  • Aluminum, bronze, brass, plastics and have access to many more.

Heavy Equipment and Agriculture Industry

  • Shafts

  • Bearing Fits

  • Seals

  • Sleeves

  • Hub/Housings

  • Taper Locks

  • Keyways-Internal, External

Heavy Equipment and Agriculture Industry
GTD offers a wide range of services

GTD offers a wide range of services:

Tool & Die Work, Design, Machining Services, CNC Milling, Turning and Boring, Grinding, Prototype Machining, Manufacturing Dies and Fixturing, Welding and Fabrication, Flywheel Facing, Heavy Equipment and Agri Breakdown and Repair.

We can work with you to produce high-quality components and assemblies based on your drawings or samples. 


Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your fabrication needs.

We offer FREE consultation!

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